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The 6 Best Instagram Bloggers (You Will Love Them)!

Instagram has become more than just another social media; it’s a need, a place we require to give a visit to every day and a community we are compelled to engage in. It has all kinds of mesmerizing accounts from fashion bloggers to artists to travelers and much more.

Instagram has been used to educate, to motivate, to inspire, to give love and to spread love. That being said, we are here to show you the top 6 Instagram Bloggers you need to follow, and these amazing bloggers have a surprise for you.

Ranji Chopra


The Indian Diva, as she has been called several times. Ranji Chopra’s is one of the most fun and engaging accounts on Instagram. It’s the ultimate lifestyle and culture blog with tints of couple magic and humor.

Why we love her Instagram:

Ranji has everything on Instagram ranging from videos to dance and much more. She is so engaged in the community and always manages to keep in touch with the people that love her. She tries out new things, like the recent Kylie Jenner Photo Recreation that she did. Follow her, and trust me you will be hooked.

Alifya Kothari

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The most gorgeous hijabi queen out there, Alifya is everything fashion and beauty that you need. To add to that she is also a travel blogger with sprinkles of motivation. She is as we call “all in one”.

Why we love her Instagram:

Her account is filled with mesmerizing makeup ideas and looks. She manages to get the sexiest facial expressions and the most in outfits ever. The way she puts her clothing together is extra ordinary; she is simple yet so classy and overly stylish! Check her account out and you will know what I am talking about.

Sara Anderson


If you love all things aesthetic, this is the spot for you. This super cute Blonde Princess is your happiness dose of the day. She posts the most gorgeous photos with even a more gorgeous smile.

Why we love her Instagram:

Sara is glamorous and extremely cute. Her pictures are filled with a positive vibe and she always carries the cutest smile. The feed she has is absolute goals, the lighting is always amazing and she knows just where to place everything. She has all kinds of posts, from fashion to organization and beauty and more.

Valerie La Barbera


Beauty queen, all the way. Valerie has the most amazing makeup photos and if you are a crazy follower of accounts like makeup.feeds then she is your open door to even more. She is gorgeous and always on fleek, just follow her and you will see.

Why we love her Instagram:

High definition and extremely professional makeup photos? Yes, please. Valerie serves us with the best of our eyebrow obsession, literally, her eyebrows are Always. On. Fleek. She has such interesting beauty looks and never fails to impress us with that creativity. Moreover, there’s a very neutral touch in her photos, which makes everything so appealing to the eyes.

Ann – Thomas Greer


Your fashion guide to the hottest out there. Ann is the Southern Queen of sexy- outfit- making, she has such pretty clothes and you will want to try them all. Her wavy hair and beachy backgrounds make every photo look like a masterpiece.

Why we love her Instagram:

Ann has an amazing variety of clothing put together. The way she carries off her flowy skirts is so charismatic and sophisticated. She is the queen of patterns and teaches us just the right ways to pair them up- be it stripes, floral or any other print. Go follow her and become a part of her very visually appealing journey.

Amy Zhang


Next stop: The goddess of all things pretty. Amy is going to make you fall in love with her, her charming style and her on fire Instagram feed. She has an exceptional taste that will help you up your fashion game so much.

Why we love her Instagram:

The white and gray toned backgrounds are such a blessing to the eyes. Amy always sets her pictures beautifully well, with the right things at the right places (And I think it’s just one of her many talents). Her chic fashion collection of bags, boots, heels and the sexiest of skirts and dresses is extremely attractive. Follow her and you will honestly learn so much about fashion, style, makeup and even feed goals.


That’s all for today my beautiful girls, but there is so much more to come. “From the bloggers to the world” We are about to bring something wonderful to the table. So stay tuned.

– XoXo TheQueen


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