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The 2018 Spring-Summer Trends You Need To Know

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Today I bring to you the four major 2018 spring-summer trends. I know you love to be updated about all that is in, and I am here to make sure that happens. So, here are the trends that will be rocking this season according to WGSN, one of the best coolhunting companies in the world.

  1. Psychotropical

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Source: Instagram

This trend is all about going beyond nature. As we know, the past few years have been crazy for our planet. However, each day, more and more people are getting together to take care of our planet. You see more green areas, people eating healthy, eating organic meals, recycling, and among other things. But, because of our human curiosity, we will always have that urge to let our imagination run wild.

The Psychotropical is of the Spring-Summer Trends that shows “how nature will branch out to include virtual reality wonderlands” according to WGSN. This season we will be watching exotic places and floral trends mixed with bright colors, getting into a psychedelic and abstract mood. Something like Gucci´s new collection. The palette of colors will be primarily in bright neon tones mixed with this virtual reality patterns.

  1. Youth Tonic

Individuality is the key for this trend. No more millennials, no more sexual stereotypes, no more boundaries is what this trend is about. This trend shows that it does not matter how old you are, you can always have this youthful spirit. You can always be loaded in your own style and individuality. Youth tonic tries to eliminate stereotypes, so everyone can feel free to express themselves.

In fashion, we will be seeing bright colors, neon, primarily in yellow and purple, mixed with dark colors, and patterns of any type will be still being a trend. Youth will be a state of mind.

3. Kinship (Our Favorite Of The 2018 Spring-Summer Trends)

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Source: Instagram

Globalization is nothing new to us, each day it gets easier to connect with people from around the world and understand other cultures. However, it is hard to feel this connectivity with others because of boundaries such as politics or discrimination,  to mention a few.

Kinship “focuses on a growing sense of community, cultural sharing and breaking boundaries,” WGSN says. It focuses on building sensibility among societies and bringing the individuality and recognition to every human need.

That is the reason why, this year we will be watching a new sense of value to craftsmanship. This will not only reflect the culture and ideologies of that community but also tell a story. So, the unique pieces of different cultures and pastel colors is what this Spring-Summer Trend is all about.


  1. Slow Futures

You can easily understand this trend because of its name, it is about the future of humanity. This one of the Spring-Summer Trends “Is about the stripping away of excess, where new is not necessarily better. Design and technology will merge more seamlessly together, creating a rustic minimalism that will combat overconsumption” WGSN explains.  

Capitalism is growing bigger and bigger with globalization, and as mentioned in the other trends, society is taking more consciousness about the planet we live in. So, this reflects the desire for a better world where minimalism takes over. This trend gives a new look to old things, and using technology in a better way,

Metallics and oxide colors, transparencies with new materials like the use of plastic or futuristic prints is what we´ll be seeing in fashion this seasons.


Now, there are no more excuses, you know what is coming! Remember, fashion involves all of us, it is made by all of us. Go try on these trends and showcase your perspectives about the world through fashion. Also, remember to check out the amazing Paris Fashion Week designers that we loved.

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