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Ships You Need To Sail From The Shows You Love

You know something I love other than talking to you through this blog? Watching a ton of shows and then making sure I follow the best ship accounts of couples I just can’t get over. Thankfully, there are a ton of Instagrammers out there that fulfill our desires to never let go of our favorite TV couples.

In appreciation of these bloggers that take us back to the episodes we loved and the scenes that made us happy. Here are 3 must sail ships on Instagram

1. @Chairgossip

Credits: The Oddysey Online

Honestly just love the quotes this account uses and the way the edits are done. They are so clean and lovely, no extra filters needed. Moreover, the account is focused on Chuck and Blair and it doesn’t deviate from it, which is amazing. Also, the account makes sure there’s a balance between the great Chair and bad Chair memories so we are fully reminded of their relationship in Gossip Girl.

2. @Fiftyshadesofcs (cs means the captain swan ships)


Once Upon A Time has become so loved by the audience, not only because of it’s very creative storyline but also the characters that have definitely stolen hearts. I think there is absolutely no one who doesn’t love Colin and Jennifer, and their roles are so on point. This particular account is great for the quotes and the way it is arranged, the quality of the pictures is also nice and the posts are frequent. Great job on the account Lex, keep making us Oncers happy.

3. @Vxidroden


Teen Wolf is back with it’s final season and has us all excited and sad, because who really wants it to end? Even though we sailed a lot of ships for Teen Wolf, be it Scott and Allison or Mason and Corey, Melissa and Argent, etc. There is one couple we are all obsessed with: Stiles and Lydia, they are gorgeous and cute and we have too much fandom for them. What I love about this particular Instagram is the way the videos are made, so creative and they help us connect to the scene and the characters.


That’s all for now, more ships to sail coming soon. But for now let’s enjoy the breeze of these.

– XoXo TheQueen

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