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3 Signs That Show If Your Crush Likes You Back

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How many times have you asked that question? Many, right? It is so annoying how much female time gets spent thinking about men. Honestly, girls shouldn’t be bothered. But since you are, I am gonna tell you three simple signs to look for that will prove if he likes you or not.

1. He keeps you first

Girl, if he hits you up in the morning or at the night before he sleeps, the man’s into you. But if that same man ain’t answering your calls or texts when he clearly can: get over him. Simple thing, if he constantly appears and disappears he doesn’t care enough. A man that wants you will keep you first, obviously if it’s been like a month don’t expect that but if you have known him for a while he should give you some kind of priority. That priority should be visible. Of course, if he is a struggling man getting his dream and stuff don’t expect him to be there 100% but he will still make an effort to give you time.

2. He wants to tell you stuff: Good and Bad

If your man thinks he can trust you with his shit, that man likes and wants you. There are very few guys that actually talk about their problems out loud, yet all of them have someone they do talk to. If that someone is you he is definitely into you (Unless you guys are childhood friends, or best friends or something don’t go from friendzone to no-zone). But more than that, if he stays up telling you all about his future dreams and passions, he wants you. If he calls you up the minute something good happens, he is into you. Know that you are important if the man’s open.

3. He is Obvious About The Fact That He Likes You

Girl if he doing the above, and then he is all touchy and mind you just touchy to you, not every girl he meets, then there’s definitely something going on. If the guy wants to take you out on real dates, wants to know how your day went and what you have been up to and if it is obvious he cares a lot about you, that man’s into you. Don’t ignore the obvious signs, and don’t question them too much. The best thing to do if you think a guy likes you is to ask him, men find it sexy when girls are straightforward. So go on, just ask, don’t end up hallucinating about something that ain’t going to happen.

That’s all my darlings. I really want to stress the fact that a man’s liking or disliking doesn’t matter. There are other things you should have your focus on, being a woman in a man’s world is hard. Don’t think too much about what a man thinks about you, just be who you are and be happy with it, keep doing you!

We are all Queens! Don’t forget it girl, you slay. Also, if you are super tired of focusing on love focus on yourself instead, click here.

-XoXo TheQueen

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I like to write about people and about myself. Sometimes anonymously and sometimes in full disclosure. What I want in life is to be the collective voice of women all over the world, and create the next generation of badass bitches. I like a bit of mystery. So, who am I? You might know, you might not. XoXo TheQueen.

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