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Blair Waldorf: The Ultimate Queen We Want To Be

It is almost impossible to believe that it was 10 years back that we first saw Blair Waldorf being a sassy queen on screen. 10 years back we were blessed with the best show of all time. Gossip Girl has formed part of all of our lives at some point and has shaped us in so many different ways. It continues to shape us by having the most relevant fashion and the most luxurious content. There’s a reason we can binge-watch it for the 23rd time right?

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Today’s post is dedicated to our favorite Blair Waldorf who has taught us so much about love, life, career and much more. Here is why we should all be Waldorfs.

1. She is literally good at everything.

Blair Waldorf
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But honestly, what does Blair not do? I think it’s partly because Blair is so well-informed, she knows about everything from the most secret societies to the most important political news, we even see her debate about amazing art and literature and her fashion sense is amazing. Oh, and remember that episode in which she slayed the dance floor (Reminder: She lost her virginity to Chuck in the episode, background song was stripper by Sohodolls.) And that video of her singing? Well, at least she tried. Blair got straight As, was a drama student, had parties to launch, worked and did so much more. She was fabulous. Literally.

2. She is super organized and gets shit done.

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Like honestly someone needs to come up with an organization app named after Blair. She managed to do everything so well, sure her time in W magazine showed us that even she had her limits but she managed to get things done. Blair always had a lot to do yet she always managed to show up at all the events that were important to her or her friends. She also did an amazing job with Eleanor’s line, like yes we are bragging about our girl.

3. She knows her priorities.

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Unlike most of us who even list our priorities by rank and fail to work on them accordingly, Blair always knows what is more important. Blair is consumed in her own life and her own problems but she knows where she needs to be and when. Her career is consistently portrayed as her topmost priority but when it comes to the people she loves she is okay with putting it on a backseat. She knows how valuable time is, but she also knows how valuable people are. Basically, she knows everything okay? She is perfect.

4. Blair Waldorf is always there for her friends.

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As mentioned in the previous point, Blair has her priorities straight. No matter what anyone is going through or the fights and grudges, Blair is forever there for her friends. Through her, we learnt that “you don’t give up on the people you love”, she was there for Serena when Georgina first came to the show, she was there for Chuck throughout the show no matter how nasty it got. She was much more supportive of Nate than we are of our ex’s. And when she liked Jenny? She made her Queen. Basically, Queen B is everything we need to know about friendship, there’s a reason everyone was there at her wedding.

5. She is totally herself and loves it.

Source: Odyssey Online

Okay, my favorite thing about Blair Waldorf is that she is Blair Waldorf, 100% herself and super proud of it. She knows she wants to be powerful and she showcases that by being powerful. She owns up to her personality, “I am the crazy bitch around here”. She is the one girl we look up to when life is upside down- “What would Blair Waldorf do?” She would keep doing what she does best, being herself. We adore her self love, how she knows what she deserves and fights for it. Honestly, Blair is the real GirlBoss!



We could speak of Blair and Gossip Girl all day long, but now we have to go celebrate with some macarons and binge- watch a few episodes. As for you, try this quiz on “Which Rhodes girl are you (YES MORE GOSSIP GIRL!).

You know you love me.

– XoXo TheQueen.

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