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Accessories You Need To Wear To Love The Back To School Season

It’s that time of the year again when you need to buy new outfits and accessories to your wardrobe, and I am not about to let you be alone in it. The beginning of the school year brings excitement and nerves, but the best way to calm those nerves is by looking fabulous!

Here are 5 essential accessories to have in your closet to spice up all you wear:

1. The Perfect Backpack


When going to school one of the things that will define you most is your backpack. School is literally all about the bag you take, and the range of bags to choose from is insane. It is the easiest way to add accessories to an outfit. You can grab yourself a nice Kipling turquoise backpack which shows you are simple and sophisticated. Or you could totally pull off a Marc Jacobs handbag which shows you are super girly and chic. Choose your bag to show your personality, so even when you have a bad hair or outfit day you can know that one piece of you will always slay.

2. Clothing As Accessories: Denim Jacket


Now, to the clothing accessories that spice up that closet. A denim jacket is a must for all girls, it’s not even a question. You can have any can of a denim jacket, a long one or a cropped one, or one of those cut-hoodie type ones. Denim always makes any look go from simple to sexy and it’s super effortless. If you are wearing a white tee and black jeans, top it off with a denim jacket and look like you actually put efforts into that outfit. Slay all the way, and with time on your palms.

3. Clothing As Accessories: Kimono


This one is essential if you are prone to uniform slips, the best thing about kimonos- other than being exceptionally stylish- is that they are long. They provide so much coverage that even if you wear a pair of short a teacher can’t give you a uniform slip because you are covered. It’s also a great way to make an outfit look spectacular, especially on those days when you don’t have time to thing of an outfit. Wearing a yellow dress? Top it off with a floral kimono and it’s as if you just came out of blogger-land.

4. Choker


We all hated them at one point and we all loved them the next. Chokers are always in fashion darlings, and the best type of accessories no matter what anyone says. Chokers have the power to make you look chic with zero efforts. Are you wearing a simple pair of jeans and a black tee? Add a white choker to it and feel like a total queen. Chokers are honestly the only kind of accessory you need to make everything you wear a little more glamorous. So go and get yourself a few baby g’s.

5. Pearl earrings

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Okay, firstly no I don’t mean go spend a bunch of money on real pearl (I mean unless you can, then go ahead.) But I mean small, cute and shiny round earrings. The beauty of pearls has been demonstrated throughout time; royals would wear them to stand out and soon females of all ages started wearing them to look classy. The best part about this tiny piece of jewelry is just that, it’s so small that no one realizes how much it elevates an outfit. If you are the kind that love looking like Queen B, this piece of jewelry will make you feel like one too. Look slay with minimal effort.

Totally Affordable Sites

I know a lot of us don’t want to spend a million of bucks to look good, well don’t worry! I have your back here are a few websites to get all listed above at a budget.


Denim Jackets



Pearl Earrings

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