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Beauty Essentials For Beginners And How To Use Makeup Right

I remember posting about makeup a while back and the manner in which society keeps telling us if we need it or don’t need it. Funniest part being, no one understands that beauty and makeup are wants not needs. A lot of girls enjoy wearing it, it’s a kind of art where you can express and experiment.

Nowadays, everyone wants to learn how to wear makeup and do looks, but for beginners it gets hard to follow on those professionals with the contouring and highlighting. Well girls, don’t worry I am here to tell you the 5 products you need to start your makeup journey. What’s better? I am going to give you links to the products I love most. No researching required.

1. Moisturizing Tinted Creams


As a base for all your makeup looks, be sure you hydrate and moisturize your face. The best part about the new cream types is that they come tinted for the full beauty coverage. Use a BB cream or a CC cream and your face will look flawless. It’s amazing because these products not only moisturize and protect your skin, but they also give an extraordinarily clean finish.

The Lakme CC Cream

2. Beauty Foundation


I feel like foundation is something you can start using at the beginner’s stage because unlike concealer it blends easily and gives your face the added beauty you want. Try to start off with a daily use foundation and not an extremely professional one, I would also recommend using liquid foundation since it can be blended with hands and no brush necessary. Putting on foundation won’t cake your face and you will be glowing.

Try the Lakme Magic Skin Tints Souffle for the most natural touch.

3. Pen/Pencil Eyeliner


Pencil eyeliners are life savers, you can use them on your lower eyelids all by themselves. They give an intensity to the eye and the overall makeup look. In addition, if you are keen on starting with upper eyeliner I would recommend giving pen eyeliners a try. They are easy to use, they are less smudgy than pencil and liquid eyeliners and give an incredibly professional finish to your eye makeup. Start slow, don’t try to get winged eyeliner from your first try. Do it little by little, extending the eyeliner a little more each time.

The Cover Girl awesome pencil liner

4. Lipstick

lipstick, beauty, love, life

Lipstick comes in all types, there is glossy and matte and even the moisturizing kind. The easiest to use that doesn’t require precision is the moisturizing lipsticks. Not only do these feel amazing on the lips, they also don’t get easily smudged. And if mistakes are made these are the quickest to be removed. Start with colors closer to your lips and gradually experiment with other colors, then move onto matte since it is easier to manage on the lips and finally gloss, gloss tends to be smudgy so don’t rush it. Keep slaying b.

Burt’s Bees super moisturizing lipstick in doused rose color.

5. Mascara


This is merely to bring a pop and make your makeup look more professional. Putting a little mascara can accentuate the eyes and bring on a very dreamy look on your face. Moreover, if you have not started using upper eye liner then mascara gives a nice tint to the upper eyelid. Experiment with the colors and see what fits your personality best.

The Collosal Maybelline New York Mascara


That’s all for today girls. Remember, makeup is there to express yourself. Learn to make it your own and showcase your personality. Always carry a smile and do whatever makes you confident.

– XoXo TheQueen


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