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Blake Lively Is The Ultimate Role Model: Reasons We Love Her

I believe that we are here to make a world where each of us is trying to lift each other up. In the world where negativity is easier to be consumed by, we choose to be positive. For that very reason, we are going to talk about the Queen of Queens, the diva Blake Lively.

On her 30th birthday let’s take a look at her life, the things she has said, the roles she has done and all the many reasons we are totally in love with her.

1. Blake’s Smile And Hair: 


Blake Lively’s naturally bouncy and glossy hair has always been a way to show her outgoing and super cute personality. But, to top it off, is her smile- the way she always manages to look like the bright sunlight. She is the slayer of hearts because of these two qualities among others, but we just never get enough of both. Keep smiling and making those around you smile.

2. She Keeps It Real:


We have seen her in multiple interviews and she never fails to be 100% herself. Blake always says what she feels, she does not try to make her statements controversial! She keeps it super simple and sophisticated. She is real, head to toe, she is super sweet and expresses her thoughts out loud. Like the idea that she thinks she is a Cherokee descent or how much she loves to bake and has totally read and reread all the Harry Potter books.

3. She Speaks About What She Believes In:


This follows the previous point, but Blake is always speaking her heart out. She utilizes the fame she has worked for and spreads love and hope. Many times, she has been seen giving speeches at charities, she has been seen speaking about human rights, child pornography, women empowerment and a lot of other issues that are part of this world. She is also the UN Goodwill Ambassador.

She knows she isn’t perfect, it was seen when she shut down Preserve. We recall Blake saying “I haven’t created something that is as true and impactful as I know it can and will be” (Source: Glamour Magazine). Even though it was a difficult decision, and the company was doing well, Blake Lively shut it down because it was not in accordance with the aim first set for it. We love your guts, Blake!

4. She Is Even Family Goals!


Blake always shows to the world what she values more, from being there with her family to accepting the manner in which her parents and siblings shaped her acting career and passion. Now, after 5 years of being married to the amazing Ryan Reynolds and demonstrating absolute couple goals, she has 2 kids who she never fails to prioritize. Even with her career and social work, Blake Lively manages to showcase what is more important to her than anything: her family and friends.

5. For Giving Us Serena Van Der Woodsen:

Source: Buzzfeed

We know that she has said it several times that she was not the biggest fan of her role as Serena, but in a post dedicated to Blake, we cannot miss out the manner in which she shaped lives through her character. There is no one else that could have played a better Serena, she was glamorous and would speak her heart out, but more so she was always so kind hearted.

Serena Van Der Woodsen not only taught us how to dress well, but she left an impact, she made us realize everyone has ups and downs. She made us see that you have to work for what you want, that it is okay to be a little lost in life, and that we should always value our family and friends the most.

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That’s all for today! We are so glad that this beautiful lady is part of the universe we live in and that she continuously spreads a positive energy. Happy birthday Blake! We hope you had smiles and gifts and that your life is filled with happiness. Keep doing you!

– XoXo TheQueen



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