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How To Look Chic In Leggings: Fashion Guides With She TheQueen

Today we are going to talk about a very necessary piece of clothing we all own. Leggings. And not just one, all of us have many pairs of leggings in different colors, patterns, and even styles. We use leggings as go-to when we haven’t gotten waxed or shaved, or when something is too short to wear. Leggings are also used in lazy-day outfits and while working out when we want to keep it casual.

In short, we all use leggings, and we all crave to know the best way to pull those tight pairs of leggings off. Just an additional tip, make sure the leggings fit perfectly well- they have to be tight. Leggings are a great way to brag about that booty workout or leg day, so the tighter the better. As long as it is comfortable, comfort is everything even in style and fashion. Here are 5 ways to slay with your everyday leggings.

1. Boots Boots Boots

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The outfit starts from the shoe, that’s a tip we mentioned in one of the previous posts; a tip we learned from Melissa de la Cruz’s “Girl Stays In The Picture”. Boots make any outfit go from basic to classy, especially if you wear the right ones. They come in all patterns, shapes, lengths, etc. If you have some nice knee length leather boots, heeled obviously, wear them with black colored leggings, it will elongate the legs (that’s how it works with all colors, monochromes have awesome effects.) If you are going to a meeting just wear ankle boots with heels, super formal and super chic. Remember, experiment with your style.

2. Lace and Long

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Lace is honestly, as per the She RuleBook, the sexiest style of clothing available. It is available in sheer and see through, as well as some amazing cotton or even silk fabric. Lace is eternally in style and makes every outfit look a lot classier. However, lace should always be paired with solid colors, there needs to be a balance. That balance is the reason why leggings look amazing with anything lace; make sure that if it’s a short top your leggings are a little thicker. Sheer lace of the same color as the leggings is also fantabulous! Give it a try.

3. Crop tops and Cardigans

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As previously mentioned, most leggings are thin and are see through. Sure some celebrities wear them like that, but if you are a school student either your parents or teachers are going to tell you off on it. Always pair crop tops and cardigans (or KIMONOS!!) with leggings. That way you are showing off a little skin while also looking stylish as ever. Remember, since you are wearing a cardigan on top – the shorter the crop top the better, go for that underboob girl (unless you comply with school rules, we don’t want you getting uniform slips). Just be you, and experiment!

4. Leggings and Shirts

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Shirts are gorgeous. They can be worn with anything, be it palazzo pants, jeans, shorts, skirts or even on top of dresses. They can make any casual outfit look formal and any formal outfit look casual. Since the shirt dresses came to trend life has become so much easier for us lazy girls. But it’s not just shirt dresses, there’s long shirts and even low-high hem shirts and because it’s hard to find completely fitted ones (Big boobs struggle? Anyone?) a tight pair of leggings gives it just the right touch of sexy. Or how about the sporty simple tee and shirt around the waist? That’s always in fashion. Try it out.

5. Shorts Shorter Shorts

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Shorts are the ultimate cute pair of clothing. There are so many styles to choose from and they all just look incredible. However, shorts gotta be short? Sometimes we can’t wear short shorts to places, maybe because of uniform slips or we just don’t want to. Or maybe we want to look hot in the winter. Times like these, the leggings get to work, denim shorts, in particular, look incredible with a nice pair of nude colored leggings. Or even fishnet leggings/ stocking look really hot. Leather on leather also looks neat, there’s just so much you can style- so get to it girl.

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Well, that’s all for today my girls, but we will be sure to come up with fancier style tips just for you. Go style those leggings and look glam.

– XoXo TheQueen.




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