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Dating Twins: Part 2 Of The Mess I Created

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So, where exactly did I leave you in the story of Sky and Water? (Refer here) Right, the part where I found out they were brothers. When I found out I was in a mess because I was dating unidentical twins. Let me just give you a reminder that they were unidentical twins, so they didn’t look alike. Well, dating twins is complicated and you are about to find out just how much.

When we were walking home, as usual, I realized just annoyed I was at Water. He would drop me so Sky left beforehand, the question was though, did Sky know? Did Water know? I asked Water on the way whether he knew about Sky and I, and he said “Of course I do,” And I was furious. “Why wouldn’t you tell me?” I questioned him. “Well, I didn’t see it to be important, he doesn’t mind me being with you?” I was rather shocked to be honest. “Are you sure? Have you asked him?” And he replied “Not really…”

It was simple, what I told Water, I wanted him to ask his brother before we took it any further. I suppose that gave him an impression that I still liked Sky, due to which he did something rather stupid. But, we will get to that; and I was just trying to be respectful. Dating twins can create a family problem, and I didn’t want that. The next day Water invited me to see him in the park, and I was like “cool”, but he had something else planned out.

Water, decided to be cupid by putting a stone on his heart and brought Sky along. “I think you guys should fix things” he told us and then left us alone. The thing was, there was nothing to fix, I didn’t have feelings for Sky, I really liked Water. Water was funny, he was so inappropriate and I loved that he could make me smile. When he left us alone though, we spoke.

“He is crazy” said Sky. “Tell me about it?” I replied. And the conversation went on from there, Sky was sweet and explained why he cut contact with me but it’s not really relevant because I didn’t care, and neither do I remember any more. I just remember that it ended with me hugging Sky and telling Water to never ever do that again. Honestly, I think he thought we fell in love again when in reality I was assured that I want to be with Water.

When Water and I Actually Started Dating

Since I believed that his brother was okay with everything, Water and I started meeting more frequently. I was I would affect his relationship with his brother, so I didn’t want to have a physical relationship. So, whenever it got too intense I would make an excuse and leave… I also constantly felt like a s**t, but here’s the thing, and this is for all you girls- THIS DID NOT MAKE ME A S**T. Liking a guy doesn’t make you a s**t or a w***e.

I remember a really cute incident that took place with Water and I. I was just returning from school and walking from the subway, and his house came before mine. It was our one month anniversary, I guess, and I bought him a rose. See, I strongly believe that it’s not only the men that should do the “big gestures” even women should.

Dating Twins: More complications… Enter The BFF

she the queen, she thequeen, she thequeen magazine, magazine, blogger magazine, dating, dating twins, love, life, crushes, high school, drama, kissing, holding hands, couple, relationship, friendzone, cheating, memeAnyhow, things were going great with Water, until he wanted me to meet him and brought a friend along. Yup, another little addition to the story, because dating twins was not enough. Supposedly this guy was his “best friend” and I also brought my “best friend” to not make it awkward. We were actually having a great time until I realized that Sky was there too. The thing was, Water had told me it was all good between him and his brother but it was really otherwise. The thing is, I wasn’t the only one surprised- even Water was.

But, it gets better, when Sky saw us he walked past us with his friends and started taunting Water and I. I was furious with Water since he had told me it was okay with his brother. The thing is, he was okay, until he saw us together. Water’s and Sky’s family was almost as conservative as mine, and the jealousy Sky was feeling led to a major fight between them. Sky ended up telling on Water and they stopped talking because of it. I felt really bad and told Water we could end things and continue being friends.

Thing is, Water was very persistent and told me that he would fix things with his brother but he wanted to be with me. I thought it through, I wasn’t on the best terms with my siblings either, and thought “why deny us an opportunity at happiness?” So we continued dating, we would meet more frequently and were more cautious, so we would always have our best friends around. Soon enough we were a little gang, and I was really close to his BFF.

After a few weeks, Water and I were walking home from class and there was a road that was full of rocks. The girly girl that I was I would only ever wear heels, and that day I even wore a skirt. I definitely could not walk on those stones, and taking the long way home would mean having to go a separate way. So, the cute guy that Water was, he picked me up and took me to the other side. It was such a smooth move for a high school junior, to be honest. That’s the day we finally kissed, honestly it wasn’t all that great since I felt really weird. Anyway, that’s how I became the first kiss of two brothers. Yup dating twins was ever so complicated. Imagine if I would have stayed with one and gotten married, awkward Thanksgiving conversations for sure.

I also got really close to his best friend, because I thought it was important for me to be friends with his friends since we went to different schools. This one day I went to his friend’s house to study, he was really good with Economics and I used to suck. So we were studying together and it was all chill until I realized he was getting a little too cozy. I have always had male friends, so for me this was normal. But then, my boyfriend called us and while I was on the phone with my BOYFRIEND, the BFF decided HE WANTED TO KISS MY CHEEK!!! I actually slapped him instantly.

It wasn’t really awkward, I just told the best friend to respect Water and my relationship. I never mentioned this to Water. NEVER. I had already destroyed his relationship with his brother and couldn’t destroy the one with his best friend. Eventually, the friend and I understood each other or so I thought. Don’t judge him though, he is a really nice guy, just tried stealing his best friend’s girlfriend.

Anyway, Water and I were on great terms until I noticed how into me his best friend was, and I suppose he noticed it too. Thing is the best friend had his issues and we could relate on many things, like friends, betrayal (irony lol) and the typical high school drama. He also lived way closer to my house, like a literal block away. He was also a lowkey lifesaver, this one time I missed my bus 2nd day in a row which meant that my parents would be furious. So, I called the BFF (because I knew he had a holiday unlike my boyfriend) and asked him to give me a ride to school. Let’s just say I am dumb and had forgotten my wallet at home, so don’t judge me. And within 10 minutes he was there and dropped me off so that was a nice gesture.

The Inevitable Breakup

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But, I realized the BFF wouldn’t stop pursuing me, and he was a good friend so I didn’t want to ditch him. By dating twins, I had already messed up Water and Sky’s relationship. So, I did the easy thing and broke up with Water. It was definitely very hard to do, and we like kissed before we broke up but we did. I told him it was because I wanted him to be okay with Sky, but there was more to it.

I soon realized the BFF was a total douchebag since he tried to kiss me yet again, and I couldn’t deal with it. At the time I blamed myself and apologized saying “sorry I led you on” but honestly I never led him on. I was only ever a good friend to him, and to see that the wrong way was his fault. So, here’s my advice girls, don’t blame yourself for actions of others. His desperation which was totally uncalled for ruined my relationship, that wasn’t my fault. Stand up for yourself.

Water and I are still friends, Sky and I are friends too. We talk every now and then, and they are both super chill. Since I couldn’t deal with the BFF, he became history. The moral of this story is, date whoever you want, just stay away from brothers and best friends, because no matter what they say it will get complicated.

Be ready for the next story, there’s so much more to come. And don’t forget to check out Abby’s Story.

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