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Why Dorota Was The Best And Made Gossip Girl Memorable

As mentioned earlier, we are doing a tribute to Gossip Girl completing 10 years. This is the second piece of our series and one you are absolutely going to love. We believe that one character that stands to be everyone’s favorite was, is and will always be Dorota. She was the funniest, sweetest and so much more. So we thank Zuzanna Szadkowski for giving us this unforgettable character.

And why do we love her so much? Here is a reminder.

Note: All pictures used are courtesy of Buzzfeed (Except one).

1. Dorota is hilarious.

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No, but seriously, Dorota made us laugh in almost every episode. It was insane how she always knew just the right thing to say and the perfect expression to give. Not only that she had some really funny puns, and the manner in which she showed her judgment towards Dan and Blair dating was spectacular. “You are having affair with lonely boy.” Oh Dorota, we felt the same way.

2. She is Gossip Girl sassy, like real sassy.

If someone could go face to face with Blair Cornelia Waldorf in a sass fight, that’s definitely Dorota. As the last point said- she always knew what to say and when. The best part was how everyone on the show (the characters) loved her sassiness too. It was also the reason a lot of people thought she was the real Gossip Girl.

3. She taught us what true loyalty is.

Resident badass.

No matter what took place, Dorota was always there for Blair. She knew the person Blair was inside out and never judged her for it. She never spoke a word against Blair and that is true loyalty. Dorota taught us where love and loyalty meet get friendships are formed. She even supported Blair’s scheming, so it doesn’t get better than that.

4. She gave the best advice.

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It doesn’t have to be Blair, Dorota gave advice to every person on the show. Be it Nate or Serena or Lilly or Chuck or Dan, she was the best at telling them the best possible thing to do. Whenever someone was having issues Dorota was the one to help them solve it, be it by locking Serena and Blair in the dining or by talking to Chuck on the down- low. She just wanted to make sure everyone was happy.

5. She has a beautiful heart.

As mentioned in the last point, Dorota just wanted everyone to be happy. She was kindhearted and recognize people’s efforts, she told Blair to recognize them too. She was always supportive of everything everyone on the show was doing and was readily available to help. And come on she was the best hugger on the show! And huggers are love.

Well, Dorota Kishlovsky, thank you for being the awesomest. But that’s not all there was a low-key show made on Dorota (Because we all love her so much) So we are posting one of the videos here, have a laugh.


I hope you enjoyed.

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