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Dynasty: The Show You Need To Be Watching

Hey Gorgeous People,

We all know that as the holidays take over our calendars it’s the best time of the year to watch some of our favorite shows. But, the question stands: What should you watch? With all these new shows it’s hard to decide which one fits you best.

Well, don’t worry. We are going to help you by telling you that “Dynasty” is the show you have to watch this season! And you ask why? It’s like a mixture of PLL, Revenge and Gossip Girl. But it has its taste of uniqueness and a lot of business knowledge.

Here is a little peek at Dynasty’s Trailer:

Just in case the trailer wasn’t enough, here are three reasons to watch this show:

1. Dynasty Show:

Yup, the name itself says it all. A family drama about a family business never gets old. There is the glamour, the gorgeous and the guilty. A drama about dynasty brings you the best of fashion, the most messed up problems, and the most luxurious parties. But, it also manages to teach you lots about competition and how family comes first or does it? Well, you will have to go check it out to find out.

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All pictures are courtesy of CW Dynasty
2. Powerful Women:

A show about women who are totally slaying it? Count me in. It’s actually really interesting the manner in which Dynasty shows powerful women in an environment dominated by men. Crystal and Fallon are sure to leave you stunned with their brains and their power to get anything done. Elizabeth Gillies and Nathalie Kelley are doing such an extraordinary job in the acting, it makes the show even more worthwhile. If you were looking for a show with some badass women, Dynasty just gave it to you.

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All pictures are courtesy of CW Dynasty.



3. Double Identities:

Without giving you any names (because who likes spoilers right?), let’s be real- what’s a show without someone pretending to be someone they are not? In a show all about your family and your name, someone not telling their’s is what makes it all the more interesting. But, I wonder who is hiding their identity in the land of Carringtons? Watch all 7 episodes of the show today and you might just find out.

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There’s more episodes now.

There are many other reasons to love Dynasty as a show, especially the fact that it has kept to the standards of the old Dynasty. And the fact that Anders is going to be your new Dorota.¬†However, since we didn’t want to give you spoilers, you will just have to find out on your own. Oh, and remember to share with us what you love most about the show! As of now, go Netflix, chill and slay.

– XoXo TheQueen.


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