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A Fitness Guide For Beginners That Will Put You In Shape

Today we are talking fitness. I know that getting in shape can be really hard, and it’s usually not the most fun activity. It really depends on the reason you want to get in shape, and the primary reason should always be to be healthier. Having been through the phase of not knowing what workout to do, and overworking my muscles or just not getting results, I know that starting to work out can be a total struggle. That is the reason why we have curated a list of workouts and the way to follow them. Keep smiling and Happy hot body.

1. Fitness starts at the Warm up:

The first thing you need to know is that you need to start with a warm up. This workout starter consists of stretches and low-intensity workouts that help you get into movement. You can also start by dancing as a warm up, there are some awesome dance workouts on YouTube. You can honestly just put on some music and start grooving, you can even skip rope! The options are endless. But here is one warm up routine we absolutely love.

2. Cardio Workout

After your low-intensity workout, you have to slowly pace it up. Try to find what works best for you, some people love getting on their dancing shoes to exercise (If you haven’t realized by now – dancing is a great form of workout). Here is a medium paced work out by our favorite Blogilates!

If you have a little more time, check this one out by PopSugar! We at She TheQueen love it, surely you will too!


Now is the time you choose the body parts you want to focus on, a lot of great YouTubers such as Blogilates and Fitness Blenders provide workouts aimed at certain body parts. Here we are going to discuss three which you should start with as a beginner.

3. That Flat Tummy Workout

The stomach is where you gotta aim if you are preparing for a summer bikini look. However, be sure you are checking on your diet first! If you workout with body fat it can turn that fat into muscle, and that is not what we want. Remember, if you are aiming for a flat stomach you have to make sure you are burning a lot of fat before building muscle! But here is one of our favorite belly fat workouts by XHIT.

4. Arms and/or Legs

Don’t go crazy and decide you will do all at once if you are a beginner. Start slow, remember honey slow and steady wins the race. If you haven’t exercised before, just do the first two. And if you are already into the flow for a few weeks choose either one-day arms or one-day legs alongside your belly workout. Don’t aim at your whole body in one day- you will end up in aches and won’t have the motivation to workout another day. Here are our favorite arms and legs workouts.

Also #Legs4days!


5. Work That Booty.

Yes, we are here! Usually, the ones we all want the most are the ones aiming at the curves. It’s great to feel body positive and comfortable to flaunt how hot you are. Toning the booty is amazing since it makes you look fantabulous in all you wear, especially jeans. Now, a lot of times butt workouts are incorporated into legs workouts, don’t end up overdoing it. Also, you have to give your muscles time to grow, you cannot do butt workouts every day or it will have the opposite reaction to what you want. The option for butt workouts available out there is insane, but here if what we might call “The best one”. Just for you, my ladies.

Ps- If you are thinking about workouts that help the breasts, usually the arm workouts do the jobs and push ups. Lots of pushups.


6. Cool Down.

The cool down is something a lot of the beginners forget to do, but it’s just as important as the warm up. A lot of videos out there have workouts that are around 30 minutes long that incorporate warm up, high-intensity workout and cool down together. If you are a beginner, that workout is the best to look at (We have mentioned the video to one above.) If you have been following your own movement with the help of the others, here is your awesome cool down video.


Well, my lovely girls, I hope we walked you through your first stage as a workout fanatic and fitness freak in a way you can enjoy it for a lifetime. Remember to start slow, 1 day a week then make it 2 and then make it 3. If you take it slow it will make you work harder and not lose any motivation. Have fun looking slay.

– XoXo TheQueen

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