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How To Get The Demi Lovato VMA Look

Although the VMAs 2017 were a few days back, we still cannot get over some of the really creative and super sexy looks we were served. One of the best looks this year was Demi Lovato’s specially¬†crafted outfit by Zuhair Murad. It was so super chic and made her look like a total rock Queen.

Obviously, a lot of us like outfits inspired by the people who inspire us most, and a lot of bloggers nowadays like doing “Get the look” posts. So to make all of your lives easier, here are the links to be glam like the VMA fam. Although this isn’t the exact copy of the outfit, these are a few options you can try to mix and match to get the look you desire.

1. The Top Bit of The Demi Lovato Outfit:

2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

The awesome sheer/see through lacey top bit of Demi’s out was a total attention grabber. She looked absolutely slay and was totally supporting #freethenipple in her own fashionable way.

Lace Top

In Romper Form: Needs to be styled, like hella

Extremely simple yet chic bodysuit

2. The Bottom Bit:

demi lovato, vma, vma outfit, demi lovato clothing

Right when you think the harem pants are out of fashion they come right back in. The bottoms Demi wore are firstly, almost impossible to find online, and secondly extremely back to the 80s. Also, a quick “did you know?” Harem pants were actually called Harem skirts, and they came into fashion around 1910 through the Middle East. Demi’s bottoms actually had plenty of white diamonds, which since we don’t want to spend a lot will look differently with our pants (No less sexy though).

It’s a Sequin World

Chiffon Cheery

Solid Slaying

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Source: Logos

Well my gorgeous girls, I hope you look slay every day and that these websites help you get the look you desired. If you would like to read about some other gorgeous looks let me know in the comments below- and if you have links to add comment it too. Let’s make each other look hot and chic all the time.

– XoXo TheQueen


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