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Gossip Girl: Which Rhodes Girl Are You?

Do you love Gossip Girl like we do? Have you ever thought which Rhodes girl you represent? Have a little fun and find out which one of all the queens you resemble most!

1. Where would you go for vacation?

a) Paris

b) Los Angeles

c) Bali

2. What would you rather eat?

a) Fast Food

b) Italian Food

c) Chinese Food

3. What would you choose to drink?

a) Vodka

b) Champagne

c) Wine

4. What is your reason to throw a party?

a) My best friend’s birthday!

b) My cousin’s debut in society!

c) My brand is launch, obviously.

5. What would you wear to a dinner?

a) A short black dress, I wanna look chic.

b) Anything that stands out. Glitter maybe? I have to be the center of attention.

c) An elegant gown, I am a lady and I should look like one.

6. Who would your ultimate partner be?

a) Dan

b) Nate

c) Colin

7. Who would your best friend be?

a) Blair Waldorf, everyone needs a Blair.

b) Georgina Sparks. She is so much fun! A girl needs to enjoy, don’t she?

c) Poppy. She is as stylish as I am, we would look fabulous together.

8. What do you do in your me-time?

a) Netflix (binge-watching Gossip Girl obviously) and lots of food.

b) A glass of wine and scrolling Instagram is so relaxing.

c) Magazines! I need to know what’s in fashion.

9. What is your perspective on love?

a) You have to be with someone who can always make you laugh.

b) Being single is fun! You have liberty. And if I ever do fall in love, I hope that special somebody understands I am very high-maintenance.

c) Being in love is beautiful. Romance is the way to happiness.

10. What is your favorite holiday celebration?

a) Thanksgiving!

b) My birthday, duh.

c) Christmas is so beautiful.


The results!!!!

If most of your answers were “a”

Serena Van Der Woodsen

Source: The Odyssey online

You are the “It girl” no matter where you go. You always get heads turning and the glamour is forever with you. But not only that, you put your friends and family before you no matter what. People think you are “privileged” but you know better, you don’t take things for granted. You love being in love no matter how many times you have been hurt- you believe. You are very honest about the way you feel, even if those feelings go in vain. At the end of the day, you know who you are. You are the glam girl.

If most of your answers were “b”

Cece Rhodes

Source: Fanpop

Well, hello there. You are the absolute Queen of everything, you slay everywhere you go and you make sure everyone notices you are around. Actually, you don’t need to make people notice, your aura is filled with attraction from all. You love your family although you can be a little selfish at times. In your heart, you do what you think is the best for your favorite people. You are actually pretty softhearted but that’s not something you allow people to see. You can get anything done. You are the badass.

If most of your answers were “c”

Lily Humphrey

Source: Kidzworld

Aren’t you a total beauty? You are classy and elegant and everyone wants to be you. You like acting like a lady but deep down you are a total wild child. You have made mistakes but only because you love your family a lot, so you are willing to go to lengths. You always pay for what you did but it doesn’t matter as long as your family is happy. You are always on top of headlines and everyone wants to know what’s going on in your life. You have a very unique taste in things as well as men, you want the best of all worlds and you work to get it. You are the royalty.

Hope you had fun in this little quiz! You know you love me (Had to).

– XoXo TheQueen.




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