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Halloween: Celebrations with Queen Teddy B!

Halloween Teddy

Hey Beautiful People,

We know that it’s almost Halloween and all of you are as excited as we are. So we have today a little “in-conversation-with” with Teddy B. Who you all know through YouTube and Instagram! This beauty has been very vocal about her love for this holiday by giving awesome makeup tutorials, to her new Instagram handle for Halloween (Click here) and today we give you some insights on her craze because we love her!

Teddy Mountinho
Source: Teddy’s Instagram

So let’s get to it.

1. Is your favourite holiday Halloween? Why?

Yes!! Mostly because Halloween is when I am most creative. I just love dressing up and experimenting with my makeup and my looks.

Dia de los muertos Teddy B
Source: Teddy Halloween

2. When did this love for the holiday start?

I started liking Halloween since I was very young! Like I think I was 2 years old… And I remember I saw my first scary movie: SCREAM! I ended up dressing up as the killer when I was 2, really.

Scream Movie Halloween
Scream Movie Poster

3. Is there a funny Halloween story you want to tell us?

I honestly have way too many funny haunted house moments, I can’t choose one!

Halloween Makeup


4. What are your top 3 go-to Halloween looks?

I don’t think I can pick 3 favourites. But anything in which I can really use my makeup and get creative. Maybe clowns are up in the top 3.

Creepy Clown


This is when I was dressed up as a clown I saw in my head wherever I went! I have a whole YouTube video about it.

Honestly, we definitely need a funny haunted house moments story time video! But for now, we will just go look at your awesome Instagram Halloween account and wait for more fun looks. As for my darlings, tell us your favourite Halloween looks! Keep Slaying.

– XoXo TheQueen.



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