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4 Of The Best Designers Of Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris

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Today we are speaking about the Paris Haute Couture Spring Summer Fashion Week that took place in January. There, only the best designers had the opportunity to show the world their talent in the field of fashion. So, I am going to help you see what we thought were the best fashion shows of the Paris Haute Couture.

Haute Couture Fashion Week Paris: Iris Van Herpen

By breaking boundaries in fashion by using technology and 3D printers, Iris has really captured all the attention. She showed us an astonishing collection called “Ludi Nature” that took place at the Galerie de Minéralogie et de Géologie. From the first second, it is clear what her inspiration is: nature. The complexity and elaborated geometrical shapes perfectly balance with the women silhouette.

Most of the looks are tied waisted dresses slowly vanishing, giving as a result, fluidity. The palette of the collection varies from nude colors, champagne, and light greens. Nevertheless, what captures the attention are the shoes separated from what seems to be a thin high tube attached to a platform. Although they are really interesting and worth trying, I question how useful they can be.

Christian Dior

Mysterious music and appealing scenography, that is what the first Dior 2018 collection brings to you. There is no doubt that senses play a big role in the collection. It is visible when the models start walking down the runway with dresses covered in stripes or checkerboard shapes.

It is interesting how Maria Grazia Chiuri, the mastermind behind the show, accomplished the surrealism in the beautifully tailored dresses. She added her own style with a modern touch in the mostly black and white palette. Yet, she didn’t lose  the feminine silhouette that Dior has. The styling was also of great emphasis. The models had the perfect 60’s Twiggy eyeliner and a mask around their eyes that brightened them up so beautifully.


The Kaiser, Karl Lagerfeld, once again demonstrated how well he can portray the vision of his mind. This time, we can see a fresh environment, with happy but peaceful music, full of flowers and colors. In some words, you can see spring scatter everywhere and the message is clear: Old French lifestyle.

The show opens with a pink tweed dress with matching boots, followed by coats, iconic suits, skirts, and dresses. Most of them were in pale pink, blue, green, yellow, mint and purple with sparkling details.

Chanel, and I think most of the women will agree, is for more mature women. It was not made for an 18 years old girl, however, since a couple years ago, Karl has tried to pursue a younger target. And I must say, with this collection, he accomplished it. The use of more spring-ish colors and  a variety of  sizes in skirts and garments in general, make the collection look more juvenile. He clearly made it more approachable to a younger target without losing the iconic tweed textile and style of Chanel.

Favorite Haute Couture: Elie Saab

One word to express Elie Saab? Details.

I must admit that this collection was my favorite of the haute couture fashion week. The show started with a glimpse of 1920’s music mixed with some modern beats. Without a doubt, that let us know that the collection will be full of glamour and fun.

The whole collection was bejeweled dresses in silvery blue, champagne, light pinks and golds that with different lights that seemed to change color.  You can see such charming dresses, with different lengths, beaded and replete with feathers in places such as wrists, hips or shoulders. If you ask me, it made the whole look perfectly balanced. As we know, Elie Saab is a maniac in details, and in every piece he makes, you can see how every jewel, thread or sequin is well placed. Of course, this haute couture fashion week, was not an exception.

Well ladies, that’s all for the day, I am going to bring you some more fabulous fashion information really soon.

– XoXo Queen P.

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