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Indo-Western Outfits: The Fashion Of India

We are back with an awesome “From the bloggers to the world” post, and this one is the first edition to the “Culture” category. Today, the gorgeous Ranji Chopra is going to give us Desi fashion tips and tell us how to slay that Indo-Western Outfit. Let’s be real girls, with the current Indian weather it’s way too hard to wear that saree, so Indo-Western looks are about to save you and make you look like an Indian Diva. Here are Ranji’s awesome tips and tricks.

Hey guys, I know that Indian festivals are coming up and going a little extra for these is a must. This festival season I am helping you dress up in a very Indian yet super sexy way. India is the country full of culture and festivals and it’s important to stay up to the season when it comes to dressing up. Here are my styling tips.

1. Indo-Western with Palazzo Pants

Palazzo has been a substitute for a long skirt (Lehenga) for a while now. It is comfortable and stylish and very easy to carry. The best part about it is that there is a lot of variety available, like in solid colors or in printed forms or a different fabric. Not only that, it is extremely accessible and affordable. What I love is the fact that you can make it super casual or super festive. For instance, it can be worn with both a pair flats or high heels according to the occasion.


In my outfit: I chose a blue pair of palazzo pants because blue and darker tones are perfect for a night outing, it also tends to look classier. In my opinion, they are super easy to mix and match too.

2. Crop Top

Crop tops are a must this season, and every season actually. I feel for Indian wear crop tops are a little cheap sheet because they act like the blouse that most Indian clothes come with. I also love how you can find any kind of crop top, from the most basic to the fanciest, lacy and shimmery ones. Plus with the option of sleeves and length, it just wins over any other piece of clothing.




In my outfit: I chose to wear a spaghetti strap, black crop top since it gives the illusion of a blouse. Moreover, it is lace which gives it a little extra touch of the party mood. Honestly, the reason I chose such dark colors is that they are super easy to accessorize, which is obviously the last (and most important) point.

3. Accessories

Accessories can make you go from basic to glam in minutes. Especially in an Indian look, accessories are a must. All kinds of accessories are available in India, from big fancy earrings to jewelry for the waist and even the toes, India is obsessed with accessorizing. Moreover, you can find accessories in gold, silver, metal, brass almost in any form and any size. I love the very classic, desi, old-school jewelry which is usually metal or silver.


In my outfit: I chose to go with the Rajasthani style or jewelry. The Rajasthani look is only complete with a bunch of metal bangles and some jumkas (Indian earrings) and yes they are heavy. I also chose to go with heels since it is for the party and finally i added a bindi because not only is it super traditional, it is so sexy and makes your face a lot more noticeable.

I hope you darlings enjoyed this look, looking forward to the next one.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-10 at 10.23.17 AM

That’s all for our Desi Dose of awesomeness gorgeous people, but don’t worry Ranji will be back with more. Till then, keep slaying.

– XoXo Ranji and TheQueen.


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