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Liza Koshy: First Internet Star On 73 Questions by Vogue

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Hello beautiful people,

It’s definitely a time to rejoice and feel very proud of being both internet workers and women. Liza Koshy, the ultimate funny digital star who recently made a “73 Questions Parody” has become the first ever digital star to make it to the real “73 Questions by Vogue.”

This is a very big deal for YouTubers and Bloggers alike as it is a step towards more recognition for their hard work and effort. 73 Questions which is an interview by Joe Sabia for Vogue started in 2014 and has had several very important celebrities on it including but not limited to Anna Wintour, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, and Priyanka Chopra. Liza Koshy is now the first internet star to be in the interview.

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Credits: Facebook

All About Liza

Liza Koshy who has been a YouTuber for around 2 years now but her career as a popular video star started with Vines around 4 years back! She has 12.3 million subscribers till date on YouTube where she is famous for her skits and adventures. Moreover, Liza is famous as her creations Jet Packinski and Helga as well. She also has over 14 million Instagram followers where she mainly shares amazing pictures looking fabulous.

she thequeen, she thequeen magazine, magazine, blogger magazine, liza, liza koshy, lizzza, youtuber
Instagram: Liza Koshy

All About Her Fans

As for fans, we can be assured Liza has many since fan accounts that post her videos on Instagram have a very large following as well. One of those @Lizzavideos has 2.3 million Instagram followers.

In addition¬†to those, many others include @Lizzza_videos with 283k followers, @Lizakoshyv with 289k followers, @ilizzzak with 675k followers!@Lizakoshy3 with 16.6k followers and @Lizzavideoz with 21.8k followers. Definitely there are many more accounts, however just with these numbers you can see how much people admire Liza, and it’s hard not to with her puns, clever jokes and amazing personality.

she thequeen, shethequeen, she thequeen magazine, magazine, liza koshy, blogger magazine, lizzza, youtuber, instagram liza koshy.
Instagram: LizaKoshy3 (Fan Account)

Well, congratulations Liza Koshy on becoming the first internet star to do 73 Questions with Vogue! Here you can see the video:

Hope you have fun watching this, stay updated with all things internet and girly by subscribing to us!

– XoXo TheQueen


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