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Motivation: What You Need To Feel Like A Total Queen

We are here today to speak on something we lack most of the times: motivation. There are so many days that pass by at the blink of an eye, days we just don’t “feel it”, days when we stick around in bed because it’s not worth it to wake up and days when life feels empty. There are several reasons for these feelings, sadly they are also one step closer to depression, the minute you start losing motivation towards your life you drift into self-loathing and dissatisfaction and so many more emotions.


But we don’t want you to go through that! You are beautiful! You are a total QUEEN! I hate it when people say “you are enough” no honey, you are more than “enough” you are fabulous and the world requires you. So here is a splash of motivation, here is what will get to back on track- queen style.

1. Wake up early


The hardest one to do but also the most necessary. It’s hard to wake up early when you don’t want to do anything and that is exactly why you need to wake up early. Staying in bed only makes you lazy, and if you are in bed till late half your day is lost, and then you feel like you wasted a whole day (But honey it’s not like you stopped it from happening). So get real, set the clock and wake up! Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a plan for the day because when the time is open you will find something to do.

2. Eat, Eat and Eat!


Get your healthy breakfast on girl! You gotta keep yourself healthy and full. You need that breakfast for some energy and for slaying your day. No, toast doesn’t count as breakfast and neither does cereal. Go hard honey. Cook yourself some scrambled eggs, get that orange juice, eat that granola with yogurt and top it off with loads of fruit. Add in avocados and spinach, it’s your life- live it healthy- live it fully.

3. Shower and Get Dressed.


Don’t have anywhere to go? WHO CARES? You don’t have to dress for people, you don’t have to feel wonderful only when it is shown off. Rule No.1 to your #bold and #queen lifestyle is to put yourself first. Girl, you are gorgeous and if the mirror knows- that’s enough. So take 2 good hours out of your day, give yourself a nice scrub, go get your eyebrows done, wash your hair, smell amazing. Spend time choosing what you will wear, clean your face and then wear whatever makeup you like. Dress up with lace and leather and skirts and pants, whatever you want! If you look like a total queen you will feel like one too.

4. Get creative.

People Making Paper Flowers Craft Art Work Handicraft

Start creating something, anything. Everyone has creative bones, some like music, some like writing but one thing is for sure I have never met anyone who doesn’t like crafts. Make yourself a journal, cut, paste and give it glitter. You will feel calm and will also have some awesome me-time. What’s better? If you create a gorgeous journal, start writing in it. What’s bothering you? What do you want from life? Where are you stuck? How can you make yourself feel better? Why do you totally deserve to feel better? Go on, ask yourself questions and answer them. You deserve the best, so write it down and cry it out, but make sure you don’t give up.

5. Gift yourself things.


Hit that Amazon and buy some stuff for yourself, you just went through a hard phase, you just got up from it. Give yourself a reward honey. Do some Amazon shopping. I would recommend buying a good book for motivation, it’s always great to buy books. Here are 3 books we recommend. But if you like clothing? How about giving yourself some nice Kylie inspired outfit (click here for a guide). Honey, you deserve the world and the happiness and trust me all you need for it is you. You are #bold and you are a #queen.

6. Workout.


It doesn’t end at eating healthy, you have to feel healthy from the inside. So work out, do tai-chi if you prefer something a little slow yet super good for your body. Try out new things, go running with some dope music. If your body feels happy so will you. Plus, it’s been proven that working out helps increase positivity and also confidence, that’s just what you need right? So go on, make yourself feel great.

7. Watch a Show For Motivation.


Yes! Yes to media! Yes to shows! And yes to using our time binge watching. If nothing else can motivate you these shows we listed earlier definitely will. Girl, all the tips, and tricks are hidden in our favorite shows. You were anyway feeling dissatisfied so better feel dissatisfied with a good show, get off the social media and binge watch. It will push you towards doing better, trust me.

8. Night Time Routine.



You made it through the day!! Hooraayyy! We are very proud of you. Now give your skin a nighttime treatment. Take off your makeup and cleanse and moisturize. Get yourself a cup of green tea and a good book. Relax. You made it through today without feeling terrible. It doesn’t matter what you didn’t do. You pushed yourself towards feeling better and you can push yourself more! You should be proud honey!

9. Be Prepared for Tomorrow and Sleep.


Get your journal and write what you want to accomplish tomorrow. After your beautiful Queen day, you will know what to do next at least a hint of it and if you don’t follow the steps again. But try to write something you want to do tomorrow, it will be your push! And remember, sleep a good nights sleep because you deserve it.

Happy successful sportswoman raising arms to the sky on golden b

That’s all for now! I hope you feel better honey, don’t worry you will get through it! You are stronger than you know. You are #bold and you are a total badass too.

– XoXo TheQueen.


About the author

I like to write about people and about myself. Sometimes anonymously and sometimes in full disclosure. What I want in life is to be the collective voice of women all over the world, and create the next generation of badass bitches. I like a bit of mystery. So, who am I? You might know, you might not. XoXo TheQueen.

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  1. Great list! I like how you added things that most people try and steer you away from such as shopping and watching telly! In moderation these things are good for us too x

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