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Once Upon A Time Season 7 Is The Best Thing Ever

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Once Upon A Time has a beautiful storyline and has definitely shaped my way of thinking about different situations. Now season 7 is coming out and I am more excited than ever. There are so many things which are so beautiful about this show in particular. I have always been very picky about my choice of shows usually loving the Drama in Gossip Girl or the Thriller in How To Get Away With A Murder, but this show was a whole new department of love and joy for me.

1. Once Upon A Time: The Creativity

When I first started watching this show I thought it must have been a recreation of a book series but when I realized it was all just the show writers I was amazed and impressed. It is so hard to find shows with this level of creativity and really drawing all kinds of audience and making us have a different look at all our childhood fairy tales. The level of surprise that comes through this series is extraordinary and the story line just beautifully flows together. LOVE IT.

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Credit: The Mary Sue
2. Feminism In The Show

The whole show demonstrates the beauty of being a woman in all ways. It is very woman-centric but at the same time portrays that men are just as emotional as females, if not more. The lead Emma Swan does not just undergo challenges in order to break the curse, but choices of her career, love life, of being afraid yet still falling in love, accepting family and responsibility and fighting for what she wants- She is a real-life hero.

Credits: The Inquisitr
3. Once Upon A Time: The Hope

Finally, the show demonstrates hope and faith in the best possible way. It doesn’t show religion but the fact that the universe has ways of playing with positivity. I watched this show during one of my hardest times in life and it has been so helpful in motivating me and reminding me that eventually, things do fall into place. It shows positivity in a way that most of us have forgotten, it kept me going and I am sure it helped a lot of you too.

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EDIT: Season 7 is totally amazing and the new leads and the previous actors are fabulous. So happy.

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