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The Best Back To School Hairstyles For Girls

It’s fall and that’s usually when we all want to start dressing up because the colors available are just so beautiful. But, there is one thing a lot of us forget is just as important to any look as the shoes- the HAIRSTYLES!!! It’s wonderful to dress up in those brown and orange tones and redecorating your room to prepare for Halloween. However, getting that hair just right according to an outfit is not only important but also fun.

Here are 3 hairstyles we love for the fall (And back to school) and what outfit they would look fabulous with.

1. High Serena Van Der Woodsen Style Ponytail Braid

I am sure all you girls have seen that gorgeous Serena hairdo in Gossip Girl. The high ponytail which is really a braid. This braided – tail will make you look super chic with a splash of nerdy, and that’s just what we want! Above is your tutorial and below is your awesome outfit to pair this with.

Basic idea: sexy hair with stylish dresses all the way.

Dress: Self Portrait, Heels: Valentino, Denim Jacket: Gucci and Bag: Madewell


2. Hairstyles So Messy, Messy Bun!

You know what’s prettier than a messy bun? A messy bun that is done just right so it doesn’t constantly open up. Messy buns are honestly the all-time “I am a total badass” hairstyle, they always make us look so cool. Plus with a pair of shorts and very chilled out yet still chic outfit, you will look like a total style icon.

Basic Idea: Balance is everything, no sweatpants and buns. Shorts with a trench coat are always welcome though.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-18 at 1.55.00 PM
Tshirt: Jeremy Scott, Shorts: H&M, Trench Coat: Polo Ralph Lauren, Wedges: Marc Fisher and Bag: Dooney and Bourke


3. Half up half down + Curly hair.

As we mentioned previously, make sure there is a balance. If your outfit is already super slay keep the hair simple- simple does not mean don’t comb it, it just means no one should know it took efforts. Almost any outfit looks good with this hairdo, but we love how it looks on gowns and obviously a sexy little outfit with jeans and a formal touch to it.

Basic Idea: Always look a little extra.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-18 at 1.54.54 PM
Pants: H&M, Lace Up Corset: Isabel Marant, Trench Coat: Burberry, Heels: Stuart Weitzman


Well my lovely girls, that is all for today. Keep slaying, and I am sure some of you are starting October break soon, so HAPPY HOLIDAYS! <3

– XoXo TheQueen.

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