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Shows: 3 Reasons We Get Emotionally Attached.

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Hey my beautiful people,

I am sure a lot of you have experienced the ending of your favorite shows. It’s saddening because sometimes we get so attached to shows emotionally that when they end we are left with an emptiness. Some people think it is a little weird, but honestly, there’s nothing weird about it. A lot of people are emotionally linked to shows- there’s a reason why all those fandom accounts on Instagram do so well.

2017 especially has brought the end of a lot of spectacular shows. This weekend, one of the shows I was very attached to end. Teen Wolf is one of the most watched television shows, and for good reason but the goodbye is something we were not ready for. Did you cry in the ending? So did I. It’s completely fine and here’s why.

1. Shows give us characters who become part of us.


Because of television shows, we are acquainted with all kinds of different people and a lot of them are totally relatable. We follow their lives and their ups and downs, we cry when something bad happens to them, and in a way, we are basically in a live-in relationship with these shows.  Teen Wolf, for instance, gave us amazing characters like Scott (Tyler Posey) who went through so much throughout the show, we connected with him. And Lydia (Holland Roden)? Who is basically a #girlboss that has inspired all of us to be who we are, and to showcase that we are no less than everybody else.

But it’s not just Teen Wolf, personally, Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl are people I still look up to. “What would Blair Waldorf do?” Yes, I asked this right after I finished watching the Teen Wolf Finale.

2.We grow up with them.

Teen Wolf has been on television since 2011. That’s 6 years back, how can one not get attached to a show that’s been on air since 6 years? We went through life stages in that much time. From teenagers to adults, middle / high schoolers to working ladies or college students. I even have memories attached to watching the show, like being in the hallways and discussing what will happen next. Or even entering class with earphones on trying to catch up on the episodes. We follow the characters social media accounts and get introduced to their real life, we even watch them grow. And in a strange way, they are a virtual family we create, one who sadly might never know us. But, that’s okay, I guess shows are just our unconditional love.

3. They are the escape.

Sometimes we are so surrounded by reality that we need an escape, we need to stop thinking about what is now and focus on what isn’t. Our minds are jumbled up in a bunch of different things, some of us are students preparing college applications and some moms who need to have a work/life balance. We are all kinds of different people who are so entangled in reality that television is the only way to calm down. When it comes to shows like Teen Wolf, they remind us that there’s so much creativity and mythology out there, they take us to a ride in a whole different land. That’s beautiful, it’s like living a second life in a fantasy. Shows like these are what help us in our hard times by giving us time off reality, that’s why they become such an essential part of life.

Obviously, there are many other reasons we get emotionally attached to shows, there are probably psychological reasons too. But these were just our practical answers as to why you feel so low once your favorite show ends.

This show was majorly focused on Teen Wolf as it has played a role in my life. We give our thanks to MTV and Jeff Davis for giving us this extraordinary show and absolutely amazing characters. We are still expecting a reboot though, there’s always hope. And as for our lovely girls, tell us about your favorite shows and how you reacted when it ended! Let’s share our pain and our smiles.

XoXo TheQueen.

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I like to write about people and about myself. Sometimes anonymously and sometimes in full disclosure. What I want in life is to be the collective voice of women all over the world, and create the next generation of badass bitches. I like a bit of mystery. So, who am I? You might know, you might not. XoXo TheQueen.

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