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How To Style A CropTop: Fashion Guides By She TheQueen

I know looking good can get really hard sometimes, not because we are not all totally beautiful but because we just don’t know what to wear. The croptop you have is about to save you a lot of time because you can totally slay it. Obviously, there are endless amounts of bloggers you can follow on Instagram and whenever you like a particular outfit you can save and recreate. But sometimes inspiration is just not enough.

That is why today we are talking about a trend that never goes out of fashion- crop tops! Crop tops are literally lifesavers because they are so easy to pair things with. If you notice, most of the bloggers and fashion stylists are always wearing crop tops. Even celebrities love crop tops! If you go see any of the Kardashians Instagram you will realize that’s all they wear most of the time. But, how do you style a crop top? Well, here is your awesome style guide.

1. High Waisted Anything

Source: Fashiontasty

High waist is always in fashion, and we know it. But there’s just something super awesome about wearing it with crop tops. Wearing high waisted pants or skirts with crop tops elongates the body and also gives it a nice shape. The tighter your clothes the better your figure will look if you are wearing a crop top. Moreover, with the underboob trend, crop tops are just what to wear everywhere.

2. Croptop and Cardigans

Source: fashiontasty

Cardigans, leather jackets, sweater, and even blazers – anything can be paired with the good ol’ crop top. The reason being that most crop tops are very simple, they are made of solid colors and not a lot of texture which makes it easier to be paired with clothing which has texture. Not only that due to all the different clothing pieces that can be worn on top it makes, it much easier to customize the outfit according to the occasion. Are you going clubbing? Wear a crop top with a lace cardigan. Do you have a meeting? Put on a nice blazer and some high waisted pants. Do you want to look chic? Wear a leather jacket on top, the options are endless.

3. Palazzo Pants

Source: Glamradar

The latest trend and one we are absolutely obsessed with. Palazzo pants are such an awesome piece of clothing and they look super classy. The best part is they come in all colors, fabrics, and prints. There is just so much choice of what to choose, it’s particularly popular in India right now. Click here to check out Ranji Chopra’s post on dressing up a pair of palazzo pants. Most of all, these look adorable with crop tops since they are big and flowy a crop tops are usually tighter it gives a perfect balance.

4. Monochromes

Source: Pinterest

This is more of a how-to than a what-to, monochromes is the best way to wear a crop top. When you pair the same solid colors together be it skirts and tops or jeans and tops or anything you prefer it helps make people notice you more. Simplicity is key, monochromes also look great if you have a specific theme to follow on Instagram! I mean the photos will be so gorgeous and it also accentuates your figure. Try it and let us know if you like it.

5. Rompers

Source: hauterogue

I feel like this particular one is still a little new. But, here goes: Get a lot of new rompers by using crop tops! Sleeveless rompers are the most wonderful pieces of comfort clothing ever, but the best part is being able to wear something on top! If you add a crop top on top of your sleeveless romper no one will even realize! Everyone will think you bought a new romper because it goes together so well. So experiment, buy a bunch of tops for your favorite rompers and rock the every day a different style romper collection! What’s more is there are romper styled crop tops and shorts available now so you can wear those too! They look extremely cute.

Source: Pinterest

Well my beautiful people, that is all for the day! Do check out our Instagram page to make sure you are up to date with everything wonderful taking place in the world. Keep Slaying the way you always do.

– XoXo TheQueen.

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