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Style Hacks: TheQueen Advice On Outfit Savers

I know that sometimes we are in a crazy rush and yet we need to look totally slay, but we are not all fashion and style influencers. For some of us, it’s a hard thing to do dress up quickly if you aren’t the kind that prepares outfits the night before. However, worry not! I am here to give you 3 outfit hacks that will save your life and time.

Here, I am going to tell you the items you need in your wardrobe that will be your go-to when less on time, especially if you want to continue looking like a style queen.

1. Style With Boots


The statement “A woman with good shoes is never ugly” by Coco Chanel is as real as it gets. A lot of fashion experts have also stressed on the fact that the shoes you wear represent your status and personality. In the book, “Girl stays in the picture” by Melissa de la Cruz we are taught how every outfit decision should start with your shoes. But what type of shoes look good with everything? Well BOOTS! A good pair of heeled boots, preferably in black, will make you stand out. They look good with jeans and shorts and rompers and dresses, there’s nothing a pair of boots can’t glam-up!

2. Lace


Lace has the power to make any outfit go from basic to classic. Buying a few lace shirts and crop tops will be a great investment. Try to go for the neutral colors like black and white and gray, since these look good matched with any other color. Try pairing a good lace tee with some super simple shorts or a plazo and make yourself look stylish in seconds.

3. Rompers/ Jumpsuits


The reason these are perfect is that you don’t need to think of what to pair these with. I mean the only thing you will need to consider are a few accessories, but that’s personal preference. Jumpsuits and rompers come in so many different fabrics and prints, they can make you look ready for Coachella or straight to the office. Again, keep a few neutral colors to make it easier to style with jewelry and shoes. Honestly, every girl should have at least 5 of these, literally will save your life.


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Well girls, that’s all for now but there’s so much more that is coming up. Can’t wait to check out the VMA looks and get some stylesparation! But for now, go shop and look like a total diva.

– XoXo TheQueen

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I like to write about people and about myself. Sometimes anonymously and sometimes in full disclosure. What I want in life is to be the collective voice of women all over the world, and create the next generation of badass bitches. I like a bit of mystery. So, who am I? You might know, you might not. XoXo TheQueen.

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