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Teen Choice Awards: 5 Of The Best Looks From 2017

Teen Choice Awards have finally made their way to social media and we can see all the slay outfits our queens wore. But, we have to agree some just caught our attention better than others because they were just so right!

Ps- Did we see that pants were the new gowns? Like hell yea!!

1. Teen Choice Awards Queen: Zendaya

The Queen of Queens! Zendaya rocked the TCA with the best ever outfit. Naming it “menswear” on her Instagram caption, she really demonstrated that women look hot like fire in whatever they wear. Can we believe the Queen slayed in a PJ in the awards? She is just the best: loving the Ashish look mami.


2. Vanessa Hudgens

As I said girls, pants are the new gowns. Vanessa is the most gorgeous baby g.  I loved the pattern on her pants and the shine that portrays her character: super stylish. Moreover, the top which was a whole different fabric gave it such a touch of elegance. We are loving you in your Reem Acra babe.


3. Victoria Justice

She is everything classy, isn’t she? Pants again! Victoria Justice looked so glam and ready to rock. We can never get over her mesmerizing smile but this time we want that outfit, because girl was it something. The Nicolas Jebran white outfit of what looked like pants and crop top put together in a very glamorous way, has our hearts melting. Can’t wait to try that look.


4. Katie Stevens

This cutie just made her way to top 5, I love her beautifully simple look on a general basis. Recently seen on TheBoldType (Which if you haven’t watched you need to right now) Katie has totally kept up to her onscreen persona and off-screen too since she is a slay queen. It’s extraordinary how good she looks in a green suit, I mean green. It’s almost impossible to carry that off. I need to go get me one of those Styland suits soon.


5. Lucy Hale

I know this has been all pants but our favorite PLL star was looking too good not to be put on the list. The skirt/ dress that she wore with the beautiful embroidery on it looked so flawless! We loved the embroidery and shimmer it had and the mix of colors was just wow. We love you for this Fausto Puglisi! Such an amazing design.

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That’s all for today my Queens! Remember, get the best out of these outfits and put it to play. I am sure you will be slaying for days. Also, if you are in school click here to find some closet essentials.

– XoXo TheQueen

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