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5 Reasons Why People Still Watch Sex And The City 20 Years Later

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Sex And The City is currently my favorite show, and I know that it has been many women’s favorite show in the last 2 decades since it first premiered. The truth is the show is ageless, it is still relevant, Sex And The City 20 years later still captures modern women extremely well. Moreover, even though aimed at the early 30s this show captivates a much larger audience. Here is why that happens:

1. Women Supporting Women:

This plays a huge role in SATC overall. The relationship that those girls have with each other, the way they are there for each other showcases sisterhood. Especially today, with WCW and constant reminders that women should be supporting each other this is extremely relevant. Women are often seen as each other’s enemies and for years WOMEN have been trying to prove otherwise, truth is, Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobs, Samantha Jones, and Charlotte York have already proved it in Sex and The City 20 years ago.

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2. Men Troubles:

Or well, even Women troubles. The truth is, no matter how far off we are from relationships men (and women) and love will always be troublesome. Sex and The City embodies relationships in its most raw form, the trouble of it. Carrie makes mistakes, Samantha is horrified by them. As for Miranda, she thinks it is either relationship or success and Charlotte really wants one, and in a way, every woman is each one of those women. No matter how far we run, we cannot escape love and the pain it many times causes, and it’s nice to see it being portrayed just like that on a show.

3. Fashion

Let’s be real, this one we cannot miss out on. Fashion in Sex and The City is the epitome of trendy and fun. Even today, those high heels Carrie spent 40,000 dollars on make us want to do the same. Their fun outfits, the crop tops, and skirts, the sexy lingerie, the sweatpants with buns and even the preppy denim outfits, are looks we can often recreate. When it comes to fashion, Sex and The City and as Kristin Davis mentioned on Twitter “Pat Field” created the eternal blessing for humankind. Or at least, people-obsessed-with-fashion-kind.


Watching Sex and The City 20 years later is a reminder of a bitter truth, society still looks at single women the same way it used to. It’s insane that even today people expect women to get married and have kids, we are allowed to have careers, but if we don’t want babies something must be wrong with us. As we introduce “Dating & Single” on our website, this common theory of being single in the real world will be discussed ever so often. But it is definitely food for thought, 20 years after this epic show about singlehood, why is it that women can’t just be single and happy?’

5. SEX and THE CITY 20 Years Later is still SEX and THE CITY

Finally, the truth is SEX and THE CITY a.k.a New York will always be relevant. I mean we have to have sex right? Like, duh? Even though I recently feel as dry as the Sahara Desert it is ignorant to deny the need for a physical connection, if not emotional. Human beings require a number of hormones running through their body, and Sex and The City just showcases human horniness or realness. As for NYC, I am yet to meet someone who isn’t addicted to that city, even those who haven’t been. The streets, the lights, the Central Park air and the rush amidst Time Square, NYC will always be everyone’s dream destination.

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So really, Sex and The City is timeless, because it talks about life and women. It talks about women in different stages of life. It doesn’t try to hide or beautify female emotions and vulnerability and neither does it try to put a blindfold on the societal representation of women. Even 20 years from now, some girls will watch this show, but hopefully, by then, women representation will have changed.

Keep in touch with us girls, we keep it real.

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