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3 Ways Of Styling Your Favorite Blazer And Looking Amazing In It

Ever really wanted to look stunning in a formal event but had absolutely zero ideas on how to do it? I get it, we have been there. It’s your first job and you are not sure if a blazer is the right thing to wear. Or maybe, you are finally a total female boss and need to up your dress up game a little.

Well don’t worry, our 3 ways on how to wear a blazer are about to be your solution to everything.

1. Blazer in formal wear:

Honey, they are going to say it all the time that girls can’t wear suits. But, you are always going to prove them wrong. The best way to wear a blazer to a formal event, an event where your boss might be is to slay in menswear. Don’t be afraid to stand out a little, that’s what get’s you noticed.

TheQueen tip: Spice up the formal look, change the typical shirt to a polo or a tank top. But never forget the tie and a good pair of heels.

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Credits: Pinterest
2. Blazer for the Party:

I am sure I am not the only woman who loves to wear a blazer to a night out. (Of course, not the most expensive one since alcohol stains are a NO!). There are several ways to dress a blazer for a party, however, the best way will always be either sequins or patterns. Though, you can go all out and get a patterned blazer.

TheQueen Tip: Remember to wear your hair lose. The mixture of blazer and party always reminds people that although you can party, you are still a boss.

Here’s a reminder of how our favorite Serena Van Der Woodsen rocked it.

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Credits: Pinterest
3. Blazer for the Playfully Casual:

It’s amazing when an item essentially used for formal wear can be transformed to casual wear. It’s the beauty of styling and what the world of fashion has gifted us with. The best way to wear a blazer casually is to get one that isn’t the normal size- go for something shorter and thinner. Go for the brighter colors, and you will see how fabulous you look.

TheQueen Tip: Put your hair in a ponytail and wear wedges. Accessorize as little as possible and you will be looking like a diva on vacation.

Here’s another Serena Van Der Woodsen look, she really was a total diva.

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Credits: Pinterest

Well, ladies, I hope these tips help you spice your wardrobe up a little. However, if you want to have the best wardrobe you can subscribe to our website and get the ULTIMATE WARDROBE CHECKLIST! Just saying. Keep Slaying.

XoXo TheQueen.

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