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Love Is Beautiful And Why I Embraced It At A Young Age

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Love, it’s a topic everyone discusses, one that is supposed to be personal to each and every person yet society seems to give an opinion on it according to age, gender, and whatnot. But, I believe that love should happen and people should allow it to happen.

Hi, everyone, it’s Abby-Leigh. I’m a model from the UK. Every girl, if she is honest wants the love she hears about in movies or reads about in books. But what happens if we actually find it when we are young but are scared we’ll either lose it or ruin it? My advice is to embrace it and what will have to happen, will happen.

Love in the beginning:

Always be yourself because if you’re loved for all your flaws then you know it’s special. If you’re too scared it will, in fact, ruin it. The picture above is of me and Cameron, and our story is just beginning. I know you’re going to love the journey too. You know when you just click with someone when they think or say the exact same thing at the same time … yeah, that’s what constantly happens to us.

Even when we first started to talk it was effortless and it’s the same today. Going back to the beginning, we started to talk by chance. We have mutual friends in the same business of modeling and acting. It began like any friendship with just talking and having lots of laughs, but sshh I always had a crush on him. I think the word wowzers was said when I first saw him, love at first sight? Maybe.

Easy to say we soon became best friends. We’d talk about our day and about all the jobs and auditions we would have. But most of all, we just wanted to talk, it could be about anything and everything. I realized quite early on about my feelings for him, but just like anyone else I was scared he wouldn’t feel the same so I didn’t say anything.

How the love continues:

love, lover, teenager, teenage love

Talking to him was enough for me in the beginning, because he was just so funny and extremely rare. I think of the distance between us because sometimes as he lives in Canada and I live in England. People say it’s a shame he’s too far away, but the truth is nobody is ever too far away. You have obstacles and you should find a way to overcome them. If you love someone, distance is just a number, a number you can work on to decrease. A goal that only you can achieve by hard work, so that’s what I started to do.

I know I sound like a romantic, and I am. I love my young love and am so glad I have it, I will walk you through my journey and maybe you will relate to it too. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I hope you stick around to find out with me.

About the author

I like to write about people and about myself. Sometimes anonymously and sometimes in full disclosure. What I want in life is to be the collective voice of women all over the world, and create the next generation of badass bitches. I like a bit of mystery. So, who am I? You might know, you might not. XoXo TheQueen.

7 thoughts on “Love Is Beautiful And Why I Embraced It At A Young Age”

  1. I really liked this story. It’s actually so nice to have a page that doesn’t like tell us that young love is stupid. Thank you so much!!

  2. With the introduction of the internet and subsequently social media, young love has expanded beyond borders. It’s no longer reserved for crushes on big name band members like The Beatles. It’s there for anyone with access to Wi-Fi. Long distance love stories are becoming the norm. Can’t wait to hear what happens next Abby.

  3. It is refreshing to read something so honest. I love how she has expressed her true feelings towards him and proved that love has no borders. He is a lucky guy to have someone so pure and love with everything she has. Great article Abby can’t wait for your next article.

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