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The Brand

She TheQueen is a social digital media brand by Vasilissa Media (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. It is the first brand by the digital media company that aims to empower women throughout all its stages. She TheQueen as a brand represents a sisterhood between women all over the world. It is aimed at creating a platform where women can discuss everything and anything. A platform to showcase women as who they are and who they can be. She TheQueen creates a social platform where women can both learn and discuss, as one person cannot create the girl-guide to everything it is a collective effort. She TheQueen hopes to raise a voice on women issues and be a great ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

The Leadership @She TheQueen

She TheQueen currently has a very small team with the main supervisor being the founder. It portrays its brand even through the team. Currently only employing female interns from all over the world. A remote team that works as a sisterhood community.

Annie Chopra

Founder and CEO

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Annie Chopra is a 19-year-old entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist. Annie has traveled all over the world throughout her life and experienced a lot of different cultures and communities. She is the sole owner of Vasilissa Media (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. Annie Chopra has written and published poetry in both English and Hindi, her book “Thoughts: An Epitome of Teenage Perspectives” showcases her life over a year through poetry. Annie started She TheQueen because she believes in the necessity of promoting positivity and sisterhood amongst women and girls of all ages. She is currently working on a self-help book. Annie is consistently working to create an impact wherever and however she can. She is a feminist, an empath, a dreamer, and a total Girlboss.

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