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Beginners Makeup Guide: The Most Important Steps

Today we are going to talk about something super important to all of us: Makeup. Everyone starts putting on makeup at different ages, everyone is a beginner at some point. The first time I tried Smokey eyes was when I was 12 years old, I wish I had a guide for beginners makeup back then. Not much has changed since that time, except 12-year-olds nowadays actually know how to wear makeup.

Obviously, not all of us are makeup experts, then how do we start wearing makeup? Keep in mind that not every makeup video available on YouTube or Instagram is of beginner makeup. If you are just starting up, using eyeshadow will just ruin your look, same with blush. We have a whole other blog post about makeup essentials. Like any other activity or art, you need to start with baby steps and remind yourself that practice makes perfect. Here are tips you can use to become a makeup star sooner than you believe.

1. Use your hands to apply makeup

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There are all kinds of brushes and puffs available in the market, and although I love them all and they work wonderfully well I just don’t recommend them for beginners. When you start with makeup use your hands, it is the best way of evenly spreading eyeshadow and blush and highlighter. I still use my hand to put on foundation sometimes. When you are new to makeup, chances are you will overdo it a little, using the hands lets you even it out properly and not leave you looking cakey.

2. Beginners should go for natural looks

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Honestly, as we have mentioned several times before. Start small. Baby steps. Makeup is like any other activity you take part in; if you are learning how to do ballet, you won’t learn the split day 1. Try starting with natural looks, less of blush and really less of eyeshadow. We have a makeup guide for beginners, click here to check out what you really need when starting up. Try something a little extra each time you feel comfortable with a look but don’t try to rush it, it’s a process and you should experience it.

3. The lips are everything

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This is one of those life-saving tips, honestly, if your eyebrows and lips are on point you need nothing else to look super slay. As mentioned previously, start with natural looks. Go to Sephora or Maybelline or any store you like and get yourself the perfect nude color for your lips and get a lip-liner of a shade darker. A little color on the lips makes a lot of difference, and if you get a moisturizing lip color it will give you great texture and much smoother lips.

Note: DO NOT overline your lips when you are just starting up, overlining lips takes efforts and practice. If you don’t practice it will end up ruining your whole look. It’s also really hard to take off the lip color without ruining your face a little, so just stay away from overlining.


Well my darlings, that is all for today. I hope you enjoy putting on some makeup and looking as slay as ever. Remember, if it doesn’t go right a few times it’s okay- you are still beautiful don’t allow yourself to believe otherwise. Stay gorgeous.

– XoXo TheQueen



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