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Primers and Makeup: How To Use Primers

Today Valerie is going to speak to us about makeup primers! The struggle of selecting these is one we have all gone through and today this gorgeous girl is going to walk us through it. Let’s listen to what this makeup queen has to say.

The first thing to do when selecting the right primer is to understand your skin type and the effect that you are looking to achieve with your makeup (ex. Oily, dry, or combination skin). One thing people fail to understand is that primers help to adhere the makeup to the skin, but they also help you achieve a more flawless and natural look to your makeup.

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There are some primers on the market that are tinted and can be used alone on the skin, such as:

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s okay to use more than one face primer to achieve the look you want. Some people add mattifying primers to their t-zones and then massage serums into the rest of the face to create a healthy glow. It’s a good choice to keep a combination of high-end and drugstore primers in your kit, as some might have a more long-wear hold than others. A few tips girls:

  • If you are primarily using a silicone-based primer, then do not opt for a water-based foundation because it will counteract the effects of the primer.
  • There are many drugstore foundations on the market that work better than high-end foundations, but when it comes to primer you want to invest into the first product that is touching your skin.

Now that you know your skin type let me help you find the right primer for you!

1. Primers For Oily skin:

Source: Beauty Heaven

If you have oily skin opt for mattifying primers. Primers that are silicone based (look for the ingredient called dimethicone) also have a longer lasting effect on the oily skin compared to water-based primers.

Best Primers for this skin type:

2. Primers For Dry Skin:

Source: Byrdie

For you lovely ladies with the skin towards the drier end, opt for primers that will infuse moisture into your skin and give you a healthy glow. Sometimes it is best for dry skin to be primed with a nourishing oil or serum.

Best Primers for this skin type:

3. Primers For Combination Skin:

Source: HuffingtonPost

And finally, for those with a little-combined skin type, opt for primers that will not only help keep your oily and/or dry skin at bay but will also help combat acne and keep skin healthy. So look for primers that are infused with vitamins and nutrients. Remember to not get a primer that has alcohol listed as an ingredient, as this might cause some irritation to your skin.

Best primers for this skin type:

Well darlings, that’s all for today. Valerie is a beauty queen who knows all there is to make up! So go treat yourself with healthy skin using makeup primers. Stay tuned for her next article.

– XoXo Valerie and TheQueen

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