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Wedding Planning: 5 Tips That Will Save Your Life

Today we have an awesome new post for our awesome Bloggers series! Sara aka A Pretty Penny on the day of her 4th anniversary (Congratulations babe) has decided to give us some insights on how to plan a wedding. I love that this is coming from a girl just like us who was once confused, she understands your struggles and she has penned everything down beautifully.


It doesn’t end here though, Sara is sharing her extremely cute and lovely wedding story on her page (Click here). We are so excited to be starting off with something that is so meaningful to her. Are you excited to know what our darling has to say? Well here goes; 5 tips to plan a wedding like a boss.

1. When you start planning your wedding use Pinterest.


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Pinterest has so many amazing ideas now! If you have no idea what you want to do, this will give you ideas on colors, bridesmaid outfits, and a lot more. It will also help shape and refine your wedding if you already have a vision. As we all know, having visuals improves what we have in our mind and that is exactly what Pinterest does.

2. Don’t compromise.



Everyone will be giving you ideas on what you should do, what foods/refreshments you should have, where you should have your reception, etc. If you have a vision honey, don’t compromise because of what someone else wants. It is your day and it should be filled with all the things you want.

3. Make sure you have comfortable shoes.


You are going to be walking all day long and standing in line for a long time. You are going to be taking photos and even dancing. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes, or bring a pair to change into. Or go bare foot, that’s fine too. Just remember, you have to have fun! It’s your day, live it right.

4. Wedding Photography is key.


I would recommend spending a little extra money on a good photographer and videographer because that is what you are going to have after the reception is over. Photos bring back all the memories of that day. I wish I would have spent a little more and gotten a videographer. Make sure your friends are also taking pictures, there are moments professional photography can’t capture, that’s when your friends are the true heroes.  I love looking back and seeing all the photos. It reminds me how happy and beautiful our special day was.

5. Don’t stress over the little things on your wedding day.


It is important to enjoy your day and really focus on what matters, you and your spouse. Like for instance, I didn’t end up having my dream hair, but I rolled with it and figured it wasn’t a big enough deal about to ruin my special day. It’s all about living in the moment and experiencing each second to its best.


Well my darlings, that is all for today. Don’t forget to read Sara’s Wedding Story! It is going to get you teary eyed, it’s so super adorable. If you are getting married, don’t be nervous it will be super great. Goodluck and I hope we served you well, and of course happy married life ladies!

– XoXo Sara Anderson and TheQueen

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