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Dating Twins and Why You Shouldn’t Do It!

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So before all you girls start judging me and calling me an “insert the offensive word” I would like to tell you that I didn’t date them at the same time, and neither did I know they were twins when I started dating the other brother (Unidentical btdubs).

high school, love, dating, sex, infedility

Dating Twins; Part 1:

Basically, it started when I joined extra math classes (because like many of you I sucked at it too) and I met this super cute guy and we were totally hitting it off. We had so many classes and always sat together (and flirted). We started going on bike rides, and just chilling and it was cute no joke. Also, I am not allowed to date (my mom is super conservative so dating is a big no) and since I was dating a guy I lived just a few houses from I needed to be sure we don’t get caught.

We would walk around together, a few streets away from where we lived, and discuss everything. Let’s call this first brother Sky. We discussed my first kiss since he hadn’t had his yet- and how he wanted me to be his. It was nice, I was new to the country and finally actually liked spending time with someone. I would see him on my way back from school, we would make “fake classes” and meet up- high school romance at its best. I remember this one time I had to stay a little longer for a class, I thought he left but he waited a whole hour for me outside, possibly the sweetest thing someone had done for me.

Then one evening I knew Sky had class and I didn’t, so I decided to show up like a nice little date buddy (No, I wasn’t the girlfriend because we hadn’t DTRed). He came out and was actually so happy to see me. We walked a few streets away and there was a dark beautiful alley completely empty. There was moonlight shining on us I just knew he could get his perfect first kiss now, so we obs kissed and it was adorbs.

We continued meeting here and there, and then bam we just stopped seeing each other so lol that was some end to a love story, but I wasn’t that into him so it didn’t matter much. Also, our classes timings changed so we hardly saw each other.

high school. shethequeen, romance, love, funny, twilight, sex, jokes, infedility

Dating Twins; Part 2:

After him, I dated another guy who wow I loved, sadly within 6 months I was heartbroken again. That’s when I needed a rebound and met with the second brother, let’s call him Water. He was in my classes since his had changed and he was hilarious, he was also definitely hitting on me. We started hanging out a lot and going out, but I had no clue his brother was Sky.

Then, one day, Sky and Water were sitting together and they said “Hey Amira”. I was like “How do you know each other?” Mind you, by now Water and I had told each other we want to try to be more than friends… “We are twins!” said Sky, and that’s when I felt pukish.

There’s more to tell, but maybe in the next post.

Who am I? I am a high school student, and oh do I have stories to tell.

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  1. This is so funny! But lol I can’t imagine finding out, I mean I figure Amora will date the guy nonetheless but it’s gone be messy fosho.

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